Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mysteries..Annie Long, Albert Palies, Helene Javet and Uncle Maston

As you all know, the majority of my old photos that are in my collection, are nameless. Occasionally though I am extremely lucky with a name, date or place, sometimes all three ! These photos below have just a little bit of info, but not enough to find out any family history. But by sharing them with everyone I am hoping that someone may recognize a name or a face from their own family tree...any help would be great ! 
This first CDV a beautifully dressed lady, above, is from a Photographer in Bournemouth.
 Has anyone an Annie Long in their family history ??
The second CDV above, is a very smartly dressed gent from a Photographers in Brighton.
Do you know of an Uncle Maston of Brighton ??
Our third CDV above, is a gorgeous little lad, looking sweet in his sailor suit and the Photographer is from Holland/Netherlands.
I have managed to find a birth record of a Albert Lourens Palies born on 17 February 1902 and died on 25 March 1965 on Ancestry. This may be incorrect, but the birth date would fit with written details on the back of photo, dated 1905.
Is little Albert one of your ancestors ??

 The fourth CDV above is a wonderful picture of a lady, dressed in a servants uniform with a cat..looking a bit reluctant to have his photo taken !!
On the back the lady's name Helene Javet, date November 1905 and says 'the Swiss friend of Gran Deamon' Have had no luck with Helene Javet or a Gran Deamon in Wiltshire. 
I Have found a few people with the surnames Javet and Deamon, but nothing that seems likely with a link to this.
Have you heard these names before anywhere ??
I have included this last beautiful picture, although its highly unlikely I will ever find out who they are ! ...because there is just so much included in it..Beautiful photos of a Mother and/or Sister passed away ? Boys playing chess...I just think its such an unusual image.....
Of course there is always a chance someone might recognize this well to do family !!
Photographer from Anvers, Paris, France.

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fanny Elizabeth Davis.Some Old Photos

Here's four old Postcard photos that I bought together from a seller at the Bath and West Showground Fleamarket earlier this year. Its lovely when I find a name written on the back.......
But there are a few possibilities for this lady, nothing conclusive as yet ! 
What a fabulous photo this is....!!!
Front view 1
Back view 1
We know her name Fanny Elizabeth Davis and in 1885 she was about twenty years old, loved fashion and big hats !!!..Was Davis her maiden or married name ?
Front view 2
Back view 2
 On the second card we find out she was a Mum......With a Son called Albert, who was old enough to go to war, in WW1 we assume, and on this card to Albert she signs it F E Davis..so married name........On that same card, the back of the Postcard photo has Oxford Street, London just below the date.
Front view 3
back view 3
On the third card there is an imprint of a photographers name and address, after much deliberation, and using several ways of working out, I think it says ?? Oxford Street, then a W? so again pointing to London where the photo was taken, so she could have been in this area during the war years and earlier. 
Front 4 Mystery
 This last Postcard photo is totally blank on the back, a mystery......is this young lady related to Fanny, is she a friend, or maybe nothing to do with her at all...we'll probably never know...unless someone out there knows this family ??
 Do you recognise Fanny Elizabeth Davis from your family ??
Here's one possibility below from the 1911 census, but I don't know if she is this Fanny (Elizabeth) Davis....there is a Son Albert, right age for WW1..just......and only living a short distance from Oxford Street, but I don't know ......

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Friday, 19 February 2016

My Charles Dickens Victorian Album

I thought you may like to see an addition to my collection of old photos and Albums....
This is such a fabulously decorated Leather Victorian Album, and one of the few that I have bought privately, and not found at a Car Boot sale !! I just had to have it !
It looks very plain from the outside, and is rather unusual as you open it up, one way and its all decorated with beautiful hand painted pictures of Charles Dickens books and characters from his books..its wonderful !!
Now if you turn the whole album over, and open all the pages on this side, they are totally plain....Like a concertina....
1. Outside

2. Young man on right is dated 1887
3. Back of pic on right, printed 'Won a prize medal at Paris exhibition 1889'
5. Says 'Mrs Brett' on back of lady pic, taken St Leonards on Sea
6. Says 'Taken on the 22 July 1887'
Here's a few close ups of the pictures..such a shame we don't know who the artist is..Have searched and can't find a name anywhere....

I do think the photos in the album belongs all to the same family, as there are facial similarities. 
This lady below also like the pics above..No 6. was taken in the same studios in Bayswater, and the photo number on the back is the next one on from the gent on the right..so Husband and Wife maybe ?
Is this no 6 pic, Gents wife ?
It would have been lovely to have had a family name, but never mind, its a wonderful album.

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Julian Strode, an Articled Clerk and Articles of Clerkship

Just back from a good ten days away, wandering along the south coast in Motorhome, and found rather a lot of fantastic ‪#OldPhotos‬ from various sources, Ford Car boot, fleamarkets and various antique arcades with kind sellers who let me buy odd pics from their job lots, for great prices, plus even one Victorian Album from a charity shop..that's a first ! Picture below...

Top right of picture is a file box which had lots bits paperwork and old photos in, bought with 3 frames pics and black 1950's album top left, was told they came from the same source...a surprise package !
This blog is about one thing I have found in it.......
Articles of Clerkship..All in a large envelope in the box, I've never come across one before, but they were contracts between an apprentice clerk, who wanted to become a solicitor, and a solicitor who agreed to train the clerk for the profession. The contracts were often entered into by fathers (or other sponsors) on their sons’ behalf, with terms typically lasting 5–7 years. (As described on Ancestry) Ancestry have some on their site.
    UK, Articles of Clerkship, 1756-1874
This one is later 1899/1900..The articled Clerk is a Julian Strode..A five year contract.
Full scans of document below..
Julian third from left
A get together at their home, Julian I believe is seated far right
Two of Julian's sons
Julian Strode, a brief family history...
Julian was born in the area of Wandsworth, London in summer 1881, christened on 4th September 1881 at Christ Church, Streatham Hill, Lambeth. His mother was Florence Edith Morrish, his father was Edmund Strode, a barrister at law and then a solicitor. They were married on 12th October 1881 at Christ Church, Streatham Hill just a month after Julian's christening. 

They were living together as husband and wife earlier that year at the time of the 1881 census, with two servants.
Julian had a sister Edith born in the summer of 1882, who I believe never married, and died aged 89 in 1971 in Buckinghamshire...and a younger brother Maurice born in the summer of 1884.
 Maurice went on to marry Nancy Rosamund Horsley in 1920, and to be a Chartered Patent Agent, they specialize with trademarks and patents etc in the law.
Julian enlisted in 1914 WW1 aged 33. He went into the Artists rifle brigade, he was mentioned in dispatches, and served till 1919. Julian's service records are on Ancestry. There was some query as to his being acting sergeant when he left..see these pages below.

Julian married Gladys Mary Cobb on the 6th October 1917 at St Mary's, Horsell, Surrey.
 They had four sons, that I can find, John Oliver born in 1921, Micheal b 1923,
 Hugh Francis b 1925 and Peter b 1933 who married in 1963.
I have found records for John Oliver who served with the East Surrey Regiment in WW2 on Ancestry and CWGC, and sadly he was killed in action 1945.
 (via CWGC website) See below.
 Julian lost his eldest son and brother Maurice within a short time early 1945, as you can see from these wills. But also I have found that Phillip H Strode, Maurice and Nancy's son was reported missing in action in 1944, he was in 4th County of London Yeomanry. 
I don't know what happened to him, he's not listed among the dead on CWGC.
Julian's wife Gladys Mary Strode died in September quarter of 1967, and Julian died the following year, on the Isle of Wight. His home address listed as Flat 3, Craigmore Tower, Woking. His ashes were scattered in the remembrance garden at St Mary's, Worplesdon, Guilford, Surrey.
 The Strode family seemed to do quite well, following Edmunds lead to be a solicitor, as Edmund's father William was a Gas Fitter, so a total change of profession.
This pic is dated 1927

Could this be the youngest brother Peter with Mum ?
 This is just a few of the many pictures from the box, Julian and his family lived in a beautiful house, Sandford, Woodfield Avenue, Streatham Hill.....The boys were all well educated too.
I also I have the black album of photos, they are stuck in.
If any one knows of any descendants of the family STRODE it would be great to return these.
I have also found in an envelope someone's brief memoirs typed on 7 pages, I think they are probably Maurice's..Julian's brother.
 Quite interesting so I shall put in another blog, for everyone to read.
Till next time then......................