Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dickens Dictionary of LONDON 1881

This is another of my recent finds 'Dickens Dictionary of London 1881' by Charles Dickens Jnr.
The first one of these was published in 1879.
Once again I found this book in a box of all sorts at a Car Boot sale, its in awful condition, falling apart, but there doesn't seem to be any pages missing and the information in it is just wonderful! I just couldn't leave it there....
Click on photos to enlarge......

Front of book
Back of book

Title page, Love the adverts

Anything you wanted to know about London was listed

Somerset house on this page

A list of Streets re-named

The Crystal Palace

Hospital adverts

A selection of Dictionaries available

Loving the Hats !

 Charles Dickens Jnr was born Charles Culliford Boz Dickens, he was the eldest child of Charles Dickens and his wife Catherine.
Born 6th January 1837 and died of heart failure on 20th July 1896.
He is buried in Mortlake cemetery.
As a youngster he went to Kings College, London and then Eton College. He also went to Germany to study the language, and at aged 18 he began working for Barings Bank.
As a young man his father encouraged him away from Journalism and into business as a Tea Merchant, he visited China, Hong Kong and Japan in 1860.
Charles Jnr married Elizabeth Matilda Moule Evans in 1863 and they had eight children. 
He went to work for his father Charles after his printing business failed in 1868, and then inherited his fathers magazine 'All the Year Round' after Charles Dickens Snr death in 1870.
In 1879 jointly with his father in law, Frederick Evans (a publisher, friend of his father Charles)he published the very first of these little books.
His other famous Dictionary is 'Dickens Dictionary of the Thames'
This little handbook was published for eighteen years in total the last one being 1896/7.
As this one is only the third edition I am quite pleased to have found it....
Charles Dickens Jnr
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Snapshots from a 1920's Album

At a Car Boot sale last summer I came across 7 old photo album pages in a tatty box under a sellers table, the box was awful and very damp and mouldy and so were the grey loose pages, but the snapshots that were glued onto the pages looked interesting. The seller said that the box had been in his damp garage for a long while and if I wanted them I could have them for a pound !! Couldn't believe my luck !
It took me a while to unstick the photos from the pages, and decipher the writing under each one (some photos were missing sadly) but I realised I had found some super images of times past, I have carefully cleaned the photos to scan, so here they are .....all 26 of them..mostly taken in Hampshire and Dorset, and some places I know and have visited.
On each photo the caption is what was written under each, on the album pages......

Group Soberton 1927
Evelyn, Woodlands, Dorset 1926
Bustle 1927
Woodlands, Dorset 1926
Teachers Outing, Seaview, I of W, 1927
S.School outing, Lee on Solent, 1927
I am guessing that S. School could be Sunday School ?
Myself in Garden 1927
What a lovely lady to have written on all of these snaps, but I would love to know who she was !
Mr and Mrs Kent and Freda in garden, Purbrook 1927
New Forest S.S.Outing 1926
This one above is I assume Sunday School...
From top of Portsmouth Hill 1927
WOW ! this view is wonderful looking out to sea in the distance, we have been up here many times and the view is so much different now looking down to Portsmouth, its unrecognisable !!
Group at St Mary's mission at Havant 1928
Does anyone know anything about St Mary's mission in Havant ? Have found information for others at Portsmouth..They were obviously all connected..
St Mary's Mission, Portsea Parish

Group at Emsworth, Easter 1928
Emsworth is a lovely place to visit, again we have been many times, a favourite of ours...
Warblington Church

Freda at Warblington 1927
Warblington Church, Church of Thomas a Beckett is a lovely place to visit, down a little 'no through road' lane, in the Freda photo on the right in the distance you can just see the remains of Warblington Castle, still looks the same today...
More info here......Warblington..

Group at Westbourne 1928
 Westbourne is an area of Bournemouth, Dorset........
Woodlands Nr Wimborne, Dorset

Woodlands Nr Wimborne, Dorset

Broadlands, Catherington 1928
 Could this be a house on the Broadlands estate, Nr Romsey ?
The two Norah's 1928
Norah, Soberton, 1928
Norah, Freda, Joan in garden, Portsmouth 1928
I love this one of the ladies reading 'The Weekly Telegraph'.........
Girls Village Homes, Barkingside, 1934

Girls of Heartsease Cottage 1934 Village Homes Barkingside
These two photos above are wonderful, Heartsease was one of the Dr Barnardo's homes, please follow the link for lots more information from Peter Higginbotham's brilliant website..............
Peter Higginbotham, Childrens Homes website
Retreat House, Pleasy 1934
Dad and Freda Portchester 1935
This is Portchester Castle, Hampshire.. we know it well..lovely to visit and great for picnics !
More info here... Portchester Castle
If you recognize anyone please let me know !!

Till next time then..............

Friday, 6 February 2015

Stanley Dark Hickman and New Zealand

A CDV card with a name and a date !! How brilliant is that !
It makes me want to cheer...that's one of the rewards of collecting old photos, you never know when you might be lucky enough to come across one with information on.
 It makes such a difference, because instead of speculating who, when and what happened to them, you can usually find out.
This lovely baby photo below is one such find.........

Stanley Dark Hickman was born on the 30th January 1884 in Newport, Shropshire, but not Baptized until 11 September 1892 in Newport, Shropshire.
He was the eldest child of Alfred John Hickman (1859-1937) and Catherine (Dark) Hickman (1859-1949)
Stanley had two siblings Leslie Alfred Dark Hickman born in 1893, and Kate Edith Dark Hickman born in 1899.
In the 1881 census Alfred was a visitor at Catherine's family home in London, Catherine's mother being a widow at this time, her husband Benjamin had died in 1872. Catherine had quite a few siblings, some of which were involved in the family business (as her father was) of Cricket Bat and Ball manufacturing. Other 'Dark' family members were also living close by in St Johns Wood.
On the 12th April 1883 Alfred and Catherine were married at St Marylebone.
Alfred was a veterinary surgeon, who was born in Middlesex, but after he met and married Catherine, who was born in St Johns Wood... they moved from London to live in Newport, Shropshire.
Which is where you find the family living in the 1891 and 1901 census.
They lived in 'Bridge House' St Nicholas's area of Newport and were obviously doing fairly well as they had a servant on both census.
My next step was to look for more information on the family in the 1911 census, as you do...but nothing !
Then I found that on 13th January 1904 Stanley Dark Hickman aged 20 years old whose occupation was listed as Farmer, had travelled on the ship............
Stanley on passenger list near the bottom
SS Iconic
SS Iconic belonging to Shaw, Savill and Albion Co Ltd to Wellington, New Zealand, it was a 70 day trip then for 474 passengers exclusive of the crew.
On the 18th October 1906, two and a half years later I found Stanley's brother Leslie and his sister Kate on a ship to Wellington, New Zealand also.
I have searched every page of passenger lists but I cannot find the parents Alfred and Catherine Hickman at all, I am assuming there must be a page missing.
In the New Zealand electoral rolls for 1911 living in Quadrant Road, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand, I have found the Hickman family, Alfred working for the government as a Veterinary Surgeon, with wife Catherine and their two younger children, Leslie and Kate. Leslie is now a Carpenter.
The first mention we have in the records of Stanley is living in Rangitikei, Manawatu-Wanganui (not too far from his parents and siblings) and working as a Drover.
Stanley got married in 1915 to Agnes Louisa Morton a New Zealand girl, born in 1893 in April Q in Wellington.
During WW1 both of the Hickman boys, Stanley and Leslie served in the forces for New Zealand.
Stanley was listed as a Sheep Farm Manager at the time.
I have found in the 1949 and after Electoral rolls there is a Donald Dark Hickman living with Agnes Louisa, who could probably be a son to the couple, but have also found two stillborn children born to Hickman over a couple of years just after their marriage. But they may have had other children but without certificates its difficult to tell, as there were a few Hickman families living in the same area before our Hickman family emigrated there.
I am presuming, as I do... that they..all or some of them at least, may have been related.
The family are all listed in the Electoral rolls for the years ahead, 1919, 1928, 1935, often with other Hickman family present at the same address.....
Then on 2nd November 1937 father Alfred John Hickman died aged 77. He is buried in Mangere Cemetery.
The remaining family are all on the 1938 Electoral rolls and on as late as 1946.
Mother Catherine passed away in April 1949 aged 89 years old and sadly later that same year on 9th August our man Stanley Dark Hickman also died aged 64 years.
Leslie Alfred died in 1978 aged 85. I haven't found a marriage for him.
The last record I can find of Stanley's sister Kate is in 1981 living at 172 Melrose Road, Roskill, Auckland, she was aged 92 then and still never married. I cannot find her death record, but she had a good innings as they say.....
Stanley's wife Agnes Louisa died aged 95 on the 20th July 1988.

 This is a super picture above of a Drover from New Zealand that I found......amazing where a picture can lead you isn't it...........

Till next time then.............................

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ethel Hopwood, Victorian Photographer, Weston Super Mare

This wonderful Cabinet Card (about mid 1890's)was among the loose old photos that I bought in November.
Shame we aren't able to see colours, I did wonder at first, if it may have been a Suffragette brooch the young lady on the left is wearing, but then I realized from the Tambourine in the front of the photograph, and the hats they are wearing, that they are both in Salvation Army uniform.  
I would love to know who the beautifully dressed young ladies are ?? .........

As there was nothing written on this card this time I thought I would research the Photographer.........Ethel Hopwood.
Ethel Jane Hopwood was born in Bridgnorth, Shropshire early in 1866, she was the daughter of Robert Hopwood 1837-1927 and Harriet Morley 1838-1921.
In the 1871 census Ethel aged 5 was living with her younger brother Harold and their parents in Bridgnorth, her father Robert was a Watchmaker and Jeweller, employing 1 man and was also a  Photographer employing 1 man. They all lived in the High Street, St Leonards, Bridgnorth.
Previously in the 1861 census her father Robert Hopwood was unmarried and living with his sister in Bridgnorth, occupation was a Watchmaker and Engraver.
In late 1864 Robert Hopwood married Harriett Morley in London, these documents (sourced from Ancestry) are interesting relating to their marriage and change of residence for Harriett at the time.............
13th Oct 1864
19th Oct 1864 part 1
19th Oct 1864 part 2
 In the 1881 census Father Robert and the family were living at 3 Jersey Place, Kervlett Road, Cheltenham. Which was near the junction of All Saints Road/Hewlett Road, thanks to very handy info on this blog about Cheltenham Past and Present
 Robert was listed as an artist and teacher of water colour painting, he must have been doing well as he and his wife and two sons Harold Morley aged 13 and Walter Townsend aged 1 month, had a nurse and a servant. And also at this time Ethel was a boarder at a private girls school in Bridgnorth run by Alderman Joseph Lloyd Whatmore (born 1801) and his family.
By 1891 the family had moved to Weston Super Mare. Robert is listed as a Photographer and Fancy goods dealer, with Harriett still, and Ethel now aged 25 and listed as a Designer, what of? I wonder. Walter is now aged 10 and a scholar.  
But Harold is not at home, but visiting another house in Weston Super Mare, the home of his future wife's family (Florence Matilda Shaw) he is listed as a Music Sellers assistant...
Harold and Florence marry on 14th April 1892 at the Trinity Chapel, Wesleyan Methodist, Gloucester/Bristol.
Sadly they didn't have a long married life as I found a death record for Florence in London for early 1894, also a 'Male Hopwood' born and died in the same quarter.
Thankfully things brightened up for Harold, he met another partner before the 1901 census to a lady called Selma (Marie Lowen) and they had a six month old son, Gilbert Lowen. They married in the July Q of 1914, maybe the war had something to do with their decision to marry. They lived in Lewisham.
In the 1911 census still living in Lewisham, they had another son Roland Harold, and stated they had been married 11 years. Selma was German born and it states 'naturalization due to marriage 1899', I have found no records to match this information.
Harold (Snr) is a manager, Pianoforte and music dealer.
Selma (Marie) Hopwood died in early 1941, and Harold Morley Hopwood died on 7th November 1958, both in Cippenham, Wiltshire ( Harold left everything to their elder son Gilbert (he lived in Cippenham, so assume they spent their last years close by)
Walter Townsend Hopwood (Ethels other brother) married a Bertha Annie Durbin in the April Q of 1904, in the 1911 census the family with daughter Margaret Selina aged 6, were living in Cheddar, Somerset. Walter was a dentist.
Walter Townsend died on 20th May 1959, leaving all to his married daughter and another married lady Janet Hume Thornhill.
Back to Ethel and her parents.....
In the 1901 census Robert now aged 64, wife Harriet 63 and Ethel are living together in Grove Road, Weston Super Mare. Robert is a frame maker and Ethel is a Photographer !!
But a little surprise there is an 8 year old girl also with them called Doris Ethel, listed as a Granddaughter.
She has to be Ethels daughter born in Bath, Ethel is a spinster still.
In the 1911 census all four are still living together, Doris Ethel is now 18 and an assistant to her Mums Photography business.
Doris Ethel married William F Watkins in 1914, but died aged 25 years old in 1918. I have found an Alice Watkins born 1918, died March 1918, that could be a possible child born, but nothing conclusive without certificates. There are so many Watkins...........
Photographer Ethel Jane died on the 13th July 1951 aged 85. Weston Super Mare.
Ethel is listed in Kelly's Directories for 1914, 1923, 1935 and 1939 as a Miss Ethel Hopwood, Photographer, Grove Road, Weston Super Mare. So she obviously made a living from Photography for many years..
Her mother Harriett died in 1921, and her father Robert died in 1927.
I would love to find out more about her life, but everywhere I look I seem to find a blank ! 

Till next time then..................

Saturday, 17 January 2015

William Crump, Clock and Watchmaker, Isle of Wight

Following on from my Blog  November 30th Blog  I have been scanning the '50 loose cards' and what a find, three were named, all the same family...Crump
Ellen Crump
The lady above was Ellen Crump previously Wigney, she was born on 11th July 1820 in Brighton (Brighthelmstone), Sussex. Part of a large family, about nine children I think... Her parents were George Adelphus Wigney, a Brewer and Mary Ann (Wilmshurst) Her birth was registered as Non Conformist, St Peter's parish, Sherwise, Brighton (Brighthelmstone), Sussex, and on the set of records on Ancestry 'Dr Williams Library, Redcross St, Nr Cripplegate, London (Registered on April 3rd 1828) I personally had never come across this record set before, but lots more info here about
the library   Dr Williams Library  ............research always keeps me learning new things.
If anyone knows where Sherwise was in Brighton, I would love to know or is it a misspelling?
Ellen Wigney married William Crump (below) in the July quarter 1847 in Brighton, Sussex.

In pencil 'Kate..Grandpa Crump'
William Crump was born 11th November 1820 Hadlow, Kent and was Baptised on Christmas eve 1820 at St Mary's Church, Hadlow, Kent.......below
St Mary's church, Hadlow, Kent
Williams parents were John Crump, a Bricklayer and Elizabeth (Hodge)..They had married on 2nd January 1817 at Hadlow, Kent....In this church above....
After their marriage William and Ellen lived in Brighton, and in the 1851 census were living there with their first child Ellen Mary Crump who was born in the first quarter of 1849 in Brighton, Sussex. 
William was listed as a Watchmaker.
The next reference to the Crump family is 8th October 1853 on the Isle of Wight..see below..
 I think this is wonderful, that he was so worried about his good reputation..see below....St Thomas Church, St Thomas Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight...and that clock ! This church is now a Heritage centre. This picture below is one I took a couple of years ago of the clock on St Thomas church, when we were over on the Isle of Wight in the Motorhome...I must have known I would need one :) We actually sat in the garden here for a rest and relax for a while..was lovely

St Thomas Church, Ryde, Isle of Wight
The above photo, of the side view of St Thomas church and the garden is courtesy
of  Ryde Social Heritage Group   Do take a look at their website, they have lots of interesting stuff on it !
In the 1861 census we find the Crump family living in Newchurch, Ryde, Isle of Wight, and they have more children now Ada Clara born October Q of 1851 in Brighton, K/Catherine Fanny born October Q of 1854 on the Isle of Wight and William Edgar born October Q of 1857, again born in the Isle of Wight.
But as we know life is never plain sailing, and I was very sad to find that Catherine (aged 9)and William (aged 6) had both tragically died in the October Q of 1863. I wonder why ?
They are both buried in Ryde Old Cemetery Section S Plots 2679 and 2680...Headstone below..again photo is courtesy of  RSHG graves .......
The next mention of William Crump was in the newspapers in March 1867..See below...
Detailed version of events. Click to enlarge

The short version of events
In the 1871 census Ellen and her daughter Ada Clara were on the mainland in Brighton visiting her father (he died the following year) While William was at home in Rubstone Court, Shanklin, Isle of Wight with his eldest daughter Ellen Mary (Below) now aged 23, an Artist. This was the 3rd CDV card I found....What a lovely young lady she looks......

 Another daughter had appeared with William on the 1871 census too...Kate Helena aged 6 (born in July Q 1864) As Ellen Crump was in her 40's when she was born I do wonder if maybe this child was Ellen Mary's ? and the other clue on the back of William's CDV it says 'Kate .. Grandpa Crump' ? so maybe....
In 1874 on the 12th June Ada Clara married John Abraham Billings in Shanklin, Isle of Wight. John was an Antique dealer and jobbing Clock and Watchmaker, they had three children, one being called Kate b 1890, so maybe the writing on the picture is hers and not the older Kate as I previously thought?

This is William Crump's shop (above) in Ryde I think, found this photo on the internet, great to see it with one of his daughter's in the doorway maybe..........
In 1881 census William is now a retired Watchmaker (aged 60) living in Brading, Isle of Wight. With wife Ellen, daughter Ellen Mary (Artist) and Kate Helena.
In the April Q of 1884 Kate Helena married Frederick Arthur Young, I have found four children born to them, William Arthur b1886, Ellen Josephine b1888, Ada Amelia b1890 and Phyllis Mary Beatrice b1892.
In 1890 William and Ellen's eldest daughter Ellen Mary died aged 41, her death is registered in Fareham, so I wonder if she was in Hospital on the mainland...she never married.
In 1891 census William and Ellen were living on their own in Brading, Isle of Wight.
In 1897 Ellen, William's wife sadly died, she was 76.
In the 1901 census William was head of household and living with him now were Kate Helena, his married daughter and also her three daughters and son William Arthur.
I have also found Kate's husband Frederick Arthur in the 1901 census, as a visitor at a house in Hackney, London, with two other chaps all listed as single and 'commit clerks'
Just before the census in 1911, William's daughter Kate Helena died aged 46, her three daughters continued to live with William, now aged 90..and all listed on the 1911 census living in a ten bedroomed house in Shanklin, Isle of Wight.
I cannot find out what had happened to Kate's husband Frederick Arthur, there are way too many possibilities!
William Arthur, Kate's son is a Print Compositor working in Essex (He is known as Arthur)
In 1912 on the 19th July William passed away aged 91, leaving everything to his Grandson William Arthur Young..a compositor..the sum of £3423.13s
The most likely death record for William Arthur Young I have found at the beginning of 1982 in Warminster, making him 96 when he died.
I wonder if maybe the house 'Prospect House' was left to the girls William Crump's Granddaughters? we shall never know, and who were the descendants who got rid of these lovely CDV's deeming them not wanted?

These two scans above were also among the CDV cards
..could this be William Arthur Young, known as Arthur when he was a little lad ? Photographer is from Shanklin, so this is a very good possibility....
Till next time then.......................