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Francis Phillip Bedingfield, born 1817.

Just a small CDV card, but a name written on the back !!
I have found a likely match to the above photo...
Francis Phillip Bedingfield born on 9 May 1817 in Catsfield, Sussex. Christened on 11 June 1817 in Catsfield, Sussex, parents were Frances Phillip Bedingfield (An army man, living in Kent on 1841 census, a widower) and mother Mary Delicia Rose (died bet 1826 and 1841 census) married on 15 March 1815 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex.
I have found siblings for him, Charles De Longueville Bedingfield born abt 1820, Mary Bedingfield born abt 1821 Thomas Forrester Bedingfield born in 1818, Howard Downman Bedingfield born abt 1826.

I found a Will record for his brother Charles in 1866, he died 1859 and lived in Mauritius a Police Officer.
Part 1

Part 2

Francis Phillip Bedingfield was living in Deal, Kent at the time of the 1841 census, with his widowed father and siblings.
Sometime between 1841 and 1848 he went to the West Indies, maybe joined the Army like his father. He married a lady called Myra Jane who was born there, they had three children in the West Indies before they came back to England in around 1852.
Eliza Elinor born 1848, Myra Emmaline born 1850 and Francis D or R born 1852.
The family are living in Birkenhead, Cheshire in the 1861 census, Francis as a Clerk, and now with four more children all born in Cheshire, Richard Augustus born 1854, Henry Havers born 1856, Selina Catherine born 1859 and an infant daughter called Mary Coralie who is just 1 day old on the census and unamed, born 6th April 1861. Then another son in 1862 who they called Charles De Longueville Bedingfield, I assume after Francis's brother who had died in 1859.
Between 1861 and 1867 they moved down south to London.
Sadly at the age of 45 Francis's wife Myra Jane died, source= 1867, Kensington, April Q, Vol 1a, page 95. Listed on FMP as Bedingeld and Ancestry as Bedingfeld.
Francis Phillip is still in Kensington, London at the time of the 1871 census, Frances a Landowner, with three of his children, Eliza 23, Henry 15, Charles 8. Selina (listed as Selma) and Mary the youngest two girls are pupils at Roxborough Park School at Harrow, Middlesex. Have found also in the 1871 census a Francis R Bedingfield aged 18 at a public school, as a boarder pupil in Portsea, it might be correct.
Francis Phillip Bedingfield died on the 27 June 1874. And surprisingly didn't leave a lot in his will.

Here's 90/98 Bleinheim Crescent, Nottinghill, London now (See photo below) just the other side of Hyde Park is the Photographers Bassano at 122 Regent Street, where the CDV was taken, sometime between 1866 and 1874 as that is when he was operating at that address.

There are a couple of family trees on Ancestry if you are interested in the Bedingfield family, there is so much more info there to be delved into too, looks a very interesting family...
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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Cecil Edward Wilkins, Royal Navy Commander

The story behind another of my old photos.

This lovely military cabinet card really took my eye as this chap looked so young, and on the back a name and a date ! So lucky !
Here's what I have found out so far..
Cecil Edward Wilkins was born on 3rd October 1886 in Surrey, third child to parents George Wilkins born about 1847 in Warminster, Wiltshire and Jessie ( Sims Hodgson) born about 1848 in Peckham, London. George and Jessie had married in October Q 1879 in Woolwich, London. 
Cecil had an older sister Evelyn, and older brother George.
Father George died in Crawford Gardens, Margate in the first week of January 1909, but buried in Walton on Thames, he was 62 and Mum Jessie died on 26 April 1932 in Walton on Thames, Surrey, she was 83. This is her will below...
A nice tidy sum left to the two remaining children.....It seems they were a fairly well off family, Father George who was one of six children, came from Warminster in Wiltshire, where his father was a Bank Manager. So he must have realised early in life that money was the business to be in...
Here are the census records for the family.....
1881 census
1891 census
1901 census
 I was unable to find the 1911 census for mother Jessie on Ancestry but luckily Find My Past came up trumps, its very badly damaged but still good to see.
Cecil's 1911 census presented a mystery to me..see below..A patient at 15 Welbeck Stree, London. Matron was Clara Nelson Smith..???
Thank goodness for google !
It was called the Welbeck Clinic, a very expensive and discreet clinic, the matron Clara Nelson Smith was awarded the Royal Victorian Order after a member of the royal family had died in the Welbeck nursing home. The cause of his death was unknown and his will was sealed, creating a precedent for future royal wills. Evidently the matron had been rewarded for her discretion.
The royal in question was Prince Francis of Teck, better known as Frank, one of four children of the Duke and Duchess of Teck. Story below, from Marylebone Lives book p on link...
Prince Francis of Teck..5th Nov 1910 Death
I also found another very fascinating story concerning the clinic, see link was the perfect place for secret births aswell as deaths....
Micheal Holroyd, The Guardian, story 
 I would imagine there are many many more secrets that were held by Clara Nelson Smith..she lived to the age of 107 ! 
I have no idea why our man Cecil was there, but it must have been quite some place as there were only 8 patients...Luxury I imagine...
I have found that Cecil married Marjorie Lucy Barrett in 1913 on the Isle of Wight, her family were also well to do..In the 1911 census they are listed, Alfred and Lucy Barrett, with two daughters (including Marjorie aged 20), and servants, are at Old Charlton, Baring Road, Cowes.
I have found one child from the marriage Micheal Humphrey Wilkins born in Kensington, London in 2nd Q 1917.
I found that Son Micheal went to New York in 1947 on the Queen Elizabeth, aged 30, listed as married and a company director being able to speak French and English. Was it just a business trip? he had no-one travelling with him.
I have found one probable marriage for son Micheal to a  Rachel Grotrian in 1941 in Ripon, Yorkshire where she lived, but then I found she married someone else in 1949 using her maiden name, so did they divorce or maybe Micheal stayed in the USA and Rachel simply remarried bigamously?
Back to Cecil Edward Wilkins..He sadly died of pneumonia in Brindisi, Puglia, Italy, where he is buried in the Bari War Cemetery, Bari, Provincia di Bari, Puglia, Italy. Plot 15..G.37.
Information on the CWGC website. Very tragic to have died so young.
On the back of the photo Cabinet card it says 24th May 1901 (He was just 15) and had enlisted earlier in that month on the 15th May. It seems that HMS Britannia was used for training cadets like Cecil, so that's why its written on the back of the Cabinet Card. 
His record of service is at TNA online.
I found this info too...
At the time of his death acting Commander Cecil Edward Wilkins, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Lowestoft. 
Sub-Lt. Cecil E. Wilkins is recorded as serving on H.M.S. Dee in 1908.
He was Minesweeping on HMS Falmouth in August 1916 and awarded a silver medal.

 Cecil has a memorial stone on the Isle of Wight......

Memorial stone for Cecil with his wife Marjorie's family in St Mildred's Churchyard, Whippingham, Isle of Wight.Commander Cecil Edward Wilkins, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Lowestoft. 
Sub-Lt. Cecil E. Wilkins is recorded as serving on H.M.S. Dee in 1908.
These other two Cabinet cards I bought from the same seller at the time, but she didn't know whether they came from the same source..
They look very similar to Cecil I think ..Him or even his brother George ? 
What do you think ??
As usual with me while I was researching Cecil, there was such a lot of other information that I could have written about, and so many other paths to go down....some stories could be never ending...
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Ashby Family, Fred, Emma, George and Will from Cambridgeshire.

What a super photo I thought when I spotted it, lovely family group of children..and then when I came to scanning it with the others I had bought on that day, I thought wow !!! Names on the back ! 
Fred Ashby, Emma Ashby, George Ashby and Will Ashby.

First of all I looked up information about the Photographer E.A.Garlick to get the area they lived in, as there is no address on the CDV card. But I thought that it looked like the fashions of about 1880 which hopefully would help.
I found him... Edward Agar Garlick b 1838 Lincolnshire d.1914 Lincolnshire. He was a Photographer 1871 and 1881, so that fits with what I thought.
I started with the 1881 census records and found them all in the neighbouring County of Cambridgeshire.

Dad Jesse b.1838 was a Blacksmith, Mum Elizabeth (nee Smith) b.1838, and the children in the photo.
After a bit more research I have their full names.
Emma Ashby born 1865
Frederick James Ashby born 1868
George Francis Ashby born 1873
William Smith Ashby born 1875
Here are the whole family on their 1911 census records........Mum and Dad first, sadly they had lost one child at some point. Maybe that's why the photo was taken.....
Jesse and Elizabeth Ashby

Emma m Edward Day 1892 and had 5 children
Frederick had 2 children
George had 4 children
William had 1 daughter
53 High St, Holywell cum Needingworth (Now) was Hammer and Anvil Pub and Blacksmith 1881 census
The family Ashby lived in the Hammer and Anvil, High Street, Holywell cum Needingworth at the time of the 1881 census, see picture above.
Interesting to see that all the boys became Cycle makers and repairers even though they moved away, their Dad was instrumental with that I presume, according to his history listed on local website below, he could turn his hand to anything and everything.
During my research I came across this fabulous website all about the village, its history and people. Do take a look there is so much information on here, especially is you have ancestors from the area.
 It may be a great help to on link below..
Ashby family on village website
 On Ancestry there are some family trees listing the Ashby's some with other photos if you are interested in the family.
Going on the age of William the youngest child in the photo I think it was taken about 1878/9.

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Sarah Simmonds Family Bible (Sarah Cant)

Praise ye the Lord
On our way back from our last little trip in the Motorhome to Sussex, we stopped off at Chichester Sunday Car Boot sale, so pleased we did, cause I found this little gem of a Bible, with Simmonds family details written in. I always look inside Bibles when I see them at Car Boot sales because years ago people would write Births, Deaths or Marriages of their family inside.
Its about two years since I found one that was written in, and I've looked at dozens ! But worth the wait !
Given to his Mother on her birthday April 26 1884 by Alfred Simmonds
More Simmonds family info in the back pages
Now Mother has passed this Bible on to her son Thomas
Held up to window, Thomas Wright Simmonds address in writing on stuck page
I started by writing down all the information in the Bible and hoped to fill in the gaps !  and I have been very fortunate in finding information, not just on Ancestry but Find My Past and Family Search websites..a combined effort !
I managed to find the family quite quickly, so I started a Tree on Ancestry to enable me to fill in the missing people and names easier. This is the first time I have tackled a find this way, but thought that it may help to lead to a direct descendant of the family, so that this small treasure can be returned to where it belongs...
This is the link to the public tree that I have made, obviously I could carry on and on adding people and information, but I hope that what I have found out so far will be enough to find the family. Please take a look, its an interesting family....
 A link won't work to Ancestry, but search for  Sarah Cant on Public Tree called 
 Simmonds Family Tree (Blog)

The big problem I had when researching this was the name of the owner of the bible..yes I knew her name was Sarah from the records but as to a maiden name I was stumped ! Even after searching every possible combination of a Thomas Simmonds (a fellmonger) marrying a Sarah in the few years that fitted, I was still stumped, so I concentrated on Sarah and what I knew ! I should have done that before, good lesson learnt.
I looked on all three sites Ancestry, Find My Past and Family Search, for someone called Sarah born 26 April in 1839, 1838 or 1837. Such a load to look through I was hoping for a miracle I think.
I also after reading the last page of the bible suspected that a mothers maiden name in the familt had to be 'Wright' as this was the name that Thomas her son had been given as his middle name, I expect many others have come across this before, when sons and sometimes even daughters are given family surnames from the female side of the family, to carry the name on.
So after long searching I decided to be more precise, so I made everything I put in 'exact' ticking the boxes, Sarah, year, Lincolnshire....and when I got to 1837 I had only 3 results come up on Ancestry ! and guess what one was born in Syston, Lincolnshire !! whoop whoop ! Sarah Cant, I had to have more proof, so followed up on the possible marriages of a Sarah Cant to a Thomas Simmonds and vice versa...nothing at all !
So I tried the parents Francis Cant and Mary. 
The names Francis and Mary were both good signs that I had the right ones, as Sarah children contained these names. After much searching I found a marriage in 1819 on the 13th March in Barrowby, Lincolnshire (Just 25 miles from Syston) between a Francis Cant and a Mary Wright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
After having a little dance I did check the census details of them, and their family and it all fits. Phew what a relief and well worth all the searching.
To confirm all this when I was filling in the family tree for Sarah's children, I came across details of Henry Simmonds her eighth child born in 1870, having emigrated with his wife and children to Canada and then Washington, United States in 1912-1914, and found his death record in 1938 in America, which gives his father and mother as Thomas Simmonds and Sarah Cant.
 Huge satisfaction in getting it all correct and without any certificates.
From records on Ancestry
I also came across a really nice image of the grave of Francis Cant and his wife Mary, Sarah's parents. Thanks again to Ancestry records..Find A Grave...see below.....
Grave in St Mary's Churchyard, Syston, Lincolnshire.

Thomas Wright Simmonds was Thomas Simmonds and Sarah Cants last child, and the last known owner of this little bible, he had written his address on the bible, see stuck page picture above, that I could only read with the light behind it, it says 
147 South St, Bridport, Dorset, England.Thomas Simmonds is my name, England is my nation, Bridport is my dwelling place and Christ is my salvation.                                                                             

The last word has to go to Sarah..she wrote......
Thomas Simmonds, given to him by his dear Mother for a guide and instructions for him through life, and I hope he will meet me and all the family in heaven when it pleases God to call us home. God is love.

Till next time then.............................

Friday, 4 September 2015

Marriage of Reginald Henry William Turner and Dorothy Alice Watts

We had a visit to Cheddar indoor market and Car Boot on Sunday, been meaning to go for ages ! It didn't disappoint..and even though the weather wasn't brilliant, there were an amazing amount of people selling and buying. Car parking is great, and doggies allowed too, two cafe's. Shall definitely return again to see it at full strength when the weather is better.
 I found a few good old photos searching through boxes and a lovely glass Ambrotype in frame from one dealer. And among the junk in one box on a stall I found a marriage certificate ! Who would throw that out !
1930 Marriage
Methodist Church,Southampton
This is the church where the marriage took place in Southampton, it was built just two years earlier in 1928.
Reginald Henry William Turner b.19th December 1897, was the middle child of Henry Turner and his second wife Emily (Cotton) On the marriage certificate Reginald was a market gardener just like his father, I assume going into his business..
Reginald's sister Ida was three years older than him and Clive his brother, eight years younger. The family lived on the Isle of Wight in Spring Vale cottages, Pan Lane, Newport in the 1901 and 1911 census, where Henry had his market garden.
Reginald was christened on 31st March 1898 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shalfleet on the Isle of Wight. The family were all born on the Isle of Wight.
I found a great online resource while researching..all about Shalfleet, link below, should you ever need it....
Shalfleet info
This is the Turner family in 1901..below, with Mother in Law living with them.
and in 1911....
Previous to this Henry Turner had been married to Ellen Jane (Leigh) in 1875, they had had three daughters, Ellen, Amy and Mabel...Ellen Jane his first wife died in 1887, and by 1891 Emily Cotton was living with the family as a Housekeeper, and went on to marry Henry later that same year, and have three children of her own.
Henry Turner, Reginald's father lived to the age of 99, still on the Isle of Wight !
Dorothy Alice Watts.
I found her with her family in the 1901 census.....
 Nothing unusual, Joseph Samuel Watts, father, a labourer, mother Alice (Sprake) and Mary aged 7 and little Dorothy at age 2. Which means she was born about 1899..Searched and no sign of a birth..So I went on and found the family in the 1911 census..
and we have a mystery !
Joseph Samuel Watts obviously realized this census was important enough for him to be totally honest about the girls, his daughters. 
Mary WAKE adopted daughter and Dorothy Alice LATTER niece. Stating that they had had no children born from their marriage.
Mary WAKE was born in 1894, Jan Q, Vol 2b, Page 625. I have no idea who her parents were, but there were quite a few people by the name of Wake living on the Island around the time of her birth, and sadly there are too many possibilities as to what could have happened to her after this census, so we'll never know.
Dorothy Alice LATTER is slightly different as it says niece, a relation, so I started putting down Josephs family tree.
Joseph Samuel Watts was born in Blagdon, Somerset in 1860 to parents Thomas and Harriett E Watts, Joseph had an older sister Mary Ann born in 1857.
 In 1866 another girl was born Sarah Jane, then the family uprooted and moved to Etchingham in Sussex, where another daughter Selina Lavinia was born in 1868. 
 In the 1871 census they were still living in Etchingham, but by the 1881 census they had moved to the Isle of Wight, Godshill.
 And in this 1881 census a child, Walter Thomas Butcher, grandson, so more than likely is Mary Ann's child as she is 22 now, Walter Butcher was born in the 3rd quarter of 1880.
 In 1891 census Walter is living with the Butcher family as their son aged 10, to the head of family Mark Butcher aged 57, and his wife Jane 56.
 So did Mark Butcher stray ?? and father a child by Mary Ann ? We'll never know !
 What of Mary Ann in the 1891 census ? well she is married and living with her new husband George Francis LATTER a gas inspector in Southampton. 
They married in Southampton on the 17th May 1884.
Living with them also are Mary Ann's sisters... Sarah (a dressmaker) and Selina.
Now the mystery again..have found Dorothy Alice LATTER born July quarter of 1898, vol 2b, page 580.Isle of Wight.
So if Dorothy was born to Mary Ann and George, why did they give her up to Joseph Samuel and Alice Watts by the time she was 2 years old?
Because she's with them in 1901 census as their daughter.
Unfortunately I am unable to find George or Mary Ann Latter in the 1901 census, it may have answered some questions...
 But have found Mary Ann's sisters, still living in Southampton, but now Sarah Jane is married to James A Yelf, and he's a Photographer, which I thought was a nice coincidence. Selina is still single.
The two sisters were still together at the time of the 1911 census, Sarah down as a widow, running a boarding house, with Selina's help at 6 Carlton Place, Southampton.
George Latter still with wife Mary Ann are in the 1911 census still in Southampton, he a gas fitter and they have had no children.
I have found no records of Reginald H W Turner and Dorothy Alice Watts(Latter) having any children after their marriage in 1930. Wonder if they did ?
Reginald died in 1985 in Worthing, West Sussex.
Dorothy died in 1991 in Worthing, West Sussex.
 Walter Thomas Butcher was married to Agnes Kate Grainger in 1904 on the Isle of Wight, and in 1911 they were still there, living with their daughter Dora 5 and son Leonard 3.
Would be nice to find out never know...
For new readers to my Blog, when I am researching any Old Photos or things I find at Car Boot sales I never send for certificates, it would be far too expensive, so all my research is just what I can find out online......

Here's also the lovely Ambrotype photo I bought, front and back view, isn't she wonderful..
dated about 1854-1859

Till next time then...............................................

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Countess of Bective, Lady Alice Maria Hill

I have found it rather a strange thing, researching someone with a title, unusual for me..
But I found this lovely old photo at a Car Boot among others unconnected.

When I got home and looked on the back it says 'Countess of Bective on Sunfield? Terrace'
 I had never even heard of her !
I think its a lovely picture, with the dog just sitting close by......
The Countess of Bective was born Lady Alice Maria Hill in the last quarter of 1842 in London (St George Hanover Square, Vol 1, Page 3). Her father was Sir Arthur Wills Blundell Sandys Trumbull Windsor Hill (4th Marquess of Downshire) and her mother was Hon. Caroline Frances nee Stapleton-Cotton, she was their only daughter, having three sons, one dying at just 2 weeks old.
Easthampstead Park in Berkshire was the family's English residence.
Its now a gorgeous Wedding venue and Conference centre..
Link here..    Easthampstead Park
In 1860 father Arthur demolished the old mansion house there and built the present house, which was finished in 1864, a couple of years later he also provided for the St Micheal's Parish church, Easthampstead to be rebuilt.
There are references and memorials to the families Trumbull and Downshire still at the church and the house (picture above) still today.
Easthampstead house was just one of the many properties of the Marquess of Downshire, who owned large estates in Northern Ireland.
Its amazing to see the 1851 and 1861 Census entries for Easthampstead Park and the amount of servants ! wow !

1851 Part 1

1851 Part 2

1861 Census

In 1867 on the 9th October Lady Alice Maria Hill married Thomas Taylour, Lord Kenlis, son of the earl of Bective.
These two newspaper reports below that I have chosen out of the many available on Find My Past newpapers collection are astonishing, such detail, even of the speeches !

Above 3 clips from local in Cumbria
From Berkshire Chronicle

The couple went on to have two daughters, the first was Lady Olivia Caroline Amelia Taylour born on 22 January 1869.
Their second daughter Lady Evelyn Alice Estelle Taylour born on 10th February 1873, sadly died at age 2 on the 16th September 1875. I don't know why she died, but found a report in the newspaper at the time, of her sister Lady Olivia, just four weeks before, being taken to a hotel near Ramsgate to stay, probably with a nanny. I wondered if Lady Evelyn may have had something infectious or maybe just to keep her away from home if her sister was so poorly. Lady Evelyn was buried in Kirkby Lonsdale on the 18th September.
Here's an interesting report from 1891, I found in the newspapers collection on Find My Past....

 The influenza still keeps fixing on fresh victims in Westmorland. I am glad to announce that both LADY BECTIVE and LADY OLIVIA TAYLOUR, who have been in London through their illness, are well on the road to convalescence. For three days this illness prevented LADY BECTIVE from seeing. There are very many cases of influenza in the county on all sides of Kendal, and to the north-east of the town on several farmsteads there are two or three cases. Every household in Satterthwaite is suffering from the ailment."
 I have found it astonishing how the newspapers reported seemingly everything that happened to the rich of society way back then...There are so many snippets to choose from and I have been sooo distracted reading them all ! 
On 27 January 1892 Lady Olivia married Lord Henry Cavendish Bentinck (b.28 May 1863-d.6th Oct 1931) They had no children..
The couple in fancy dress
Lady Henry, she loved her dogs
On 16 November 1893, this small article appeared in the Manchester and Lancashire General Advertiser.

 Here's another below from a few years previous
A local Committee was formed to build a ‘Navvies Reading Room’, funded by local, contractor and philanthropic donations. Mr Timson was appointed as Missionary through the Navvy Mission Society. Elizabeth Garnett, the doyenne of the Society, visited the huts and gave ‘an excellent and impressive lecture to the men’. Reading matter was provided by the Religious Tract Society, leavened by newspapers ranging from the Yorkshire Post and the Irish Times to the Navvies Quarterly Newsletter. Weekly musical entertainments, lantern slideshows and singing competitions for navvies were held. Lady Bective, Irish by birth, took an active interest in the men’s welfare, visiting the camp with her daughters. In October 1889 she organised a huge tea for 300 men, followed by recitations from locals and songs from the navvies. The Lancaster Guardian was fulsome in its praise for this ‘good as well as beautiful woman’, and ‘the excellent and even gentlemanly conduct of her guests from the Pipetrack’.
FULL ARTICLE here.........North Craven Heritage Trust
I have read numerous articles in the newspapers about The Countess of Bective and all have been singing her praises, she was I am sure a very lovely lady, very caring and did seem to try to help people as much as she possibly could, and was very respected.
On the 15 December 1893 her husband Thomas died from a 'Serious attack of Influenza'
He certainly left a tidy sum........
I found this report from The History of Underley Hall by Luckley Houses School group for the time after the Earl died.
"The newly married couple took up permanent residence at Underley Hall in 1901, with its 25,000 acres and rent roll of £90,000.
 while Lady Henry’s mother, the Countess of Bective, moved into “Lunefield” a local manor in Kirkby Lonsdale.
 “Lunefield” was bought by Lady Henry Cavendish-Bentinck
for her mother from the local Harris family who were reputed industrialists
and old-property dealers.
Here the Countess of Bective lived in style until her death in February 1928
aged 85 years" 

Not quite true as she also lived in London and died there.....
There is lots more info about the families who lived at Underley Hall and its History.
Link Here..Underley Hall
The Countess of Bective  I think loved London, this is the 1901 and 1911 Census pages of  29 Eaton Place, she gave birth to her children here in London, and I do wonder if maybe Underley Hall held sad memories for her, as her daughter and husband had both died there.

1901 Census
1911 Census
The Countess of Bective passed away on the 25th February 1928 aged 85 at 29 Eaton Place, London.
This was in the Yorkshire Post on Wednesday 29 February, 1928 just a few days after Countess Bective died.... Personal message from Queen Mary too...

After all I have read about her in the last few days I would really have loved to meet her..

This is a lovely photo of her, caption reads..
"The redoubtable Countess Bective wears a dress with elbow length sleeves with notched openings and a bustle in this 1900 photo" 

Till next time then...................................